Analysing Media Products M1


Forgotten World – Risk assessment

Risk assessment for visiting Bristol’s abandoned building for the first episode.


The roof collapsing due to it being slightly unstable and left for many years.

Any narcotic substances that have been left there by fellow member of the public.

Any homeless people attacking me.


Forgotten World – Treatment

My TV programme is about visiting abandoned buildings around the world which have a little bit of a past so I could have a voice over talking about what the building used to be , why it became abandoned , what’s now happening to it, stuff like that. The idea of the show was based on some YouTube videos I have seen , although its heavily based around them I didn’t want it to be like a YouTube video which is why I’m including the voice over to make it more of a history documentary.


Unit 42 UK TV Broadcasting LO1

Operating model for channel 4 .

How is channel 4 funded ? Channel 4 is a commercially funded company with no public funding , the majority of its income comes from their advertising revenue , in 2015 channel 4 released their online platform including their short-form content , from that the digital revenue grew 30% year on year further making ‘all4’ the central revenue stream.A recorded £629m was spent on total content across all its content . The large majority of their budget was spent on the main channel costing £507 million with £114 million being spent on digital tv and a further £8 million was spent on the digital media.Who owns channel 4? Channel four television corporation (channel 4 ) was set up by an act of parliament and its publicly owned not-for-profit corporation.Advertisement within channel 4 programs , All advertisements within channel 4 are required to follow the uk advertising codes , all advertisements that are broadcasted are cleared for transmission by clearcast.Product placement for channel 4, product placement is where a company pays a tv channel or production company to include its products or brands in a program being broadcasted . OFCOM have approved product placement on tv in the UK as long as the placement complies with the OFCOM rules . Channel 4 have many product placement deals with loads of company from Nokia, Uncle Ben’s , Fox , Sony and plenty more.Channel 4 sponsors, sponsorships are ways for commercial broadcasters to increase their revenue . only news and current affairs programs may not be sponsored because “the code” says that current affairs programming contains explanations of current events and issues that can cause controversy with the public policy.

Regulatory bodies


What is Ofcom ?

Ofcom are a company who regulate the TV, radio and video on demand sectors, fixed line telecoms, mobiles, postal services, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate,Ofcom make sure that people in the UK get the best from their communications services and are protected . Ofcom operates under a number of Acts of Parliament, including in particular the ‘comunications act ‘ that Ofcom must act within the powers and duties set for it by Parliament in legislation .The Communications Act says that Ofcom’s principal duty is to further the interests of citizens and of consumers, where appropriate by promoting competition.They also have powers to enforce competition law in those sectors,alongside the Competition and Markets Authority.Ofcom is funded by fees from industry for regulating broadcasting and communications networks.

Advertising standards authority (ASA). Much like Ofcom the Advertising Standards Authority is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media. ASA follow the Advertising Codes, which are written by the Committees of Advertising Practice. Their work includes acting on complaints and proactively checking the media to take action against misleading, harmful or offensive advertisements. The Advertising Standards Authority is the UK’s independent regulator of advertising across all media.

Channel 4s Programme Categories

Comedy , Drama , World drama , Entertainment , Factual , lifestyle , Sports

Channel4 Comedy includes; peep show, Friday night dinner , New girl , The Inbetweeners

Channel4 Dramas include; Hollyokes ,The watchman , Top Boy

Channel4 World Drama includes; The returned , locked up , The outlaws

Channel4 Entertainment includes; First dates , Naked attraction , Countdown , 8 out of ten cats

Channel4 factual includes; 999 what’s your emergency ? , 24 hours in A&E, Channel4 news

Channel4 lifestyle includes; Location location location , Come dine with me , Grand designs

Channel4 sports include; Channel4 racing , Motor sports, Formula 1

Channel4 collaborations and partnerships : Channel 4 have recently collaborated with many new different artists for 2017 with the legacy of 9/11, the modern factory and climate change are among topics to be tackled by new arts programmes on Channel 4 which look at the contemporary world through artists’ eyes. Some of the new artists include John Gerrard, Akram Khan,Marcus Robinson.One of channel4s main focus is realism, in popular channel 4 programmes its clear to see that they are heavily based around real problems people face everyday . Hollyokes, skins, misfits are just some of the shows that feature few real life situations including teenage issues , drug use , sexuality , family problems and more.

Audience profile for channel 4

The broadcasters audience research board is the organisation that complies audience measurement and TV ratings in the uk.

Channel 4

Channel 4 programmes including that of ; location location location , Speed with guy Martin , Countdown , Channel 4 news , Sunday brunch , Hollyoaks ,this brings a variety of audience ages , in the month of august 2016 ,

The average weekly per person (h:m)Channel 4 – 0:58 Channel 4+1 – 0:10 4Music- 0:03 4Seven – 0:04 E4 – 0:18 Film 4 – 0:17 More4 – 0:12

Sharing of total viewing (%)Channel 4 – 4.08 Channel 4+1 – 0.73 4Music – 0.21 4Seven – 0.30 E4 – 1.27 Film4 – 1.16 More 4 – 0.84

(information from Broadcasters audience research Board)

Production Process

Within the production processes you have ;

Pre-production , production , post production , processes for live broadcasting.The pre-production for channel 4 would be the preparation for the show ie; preparing where the location for the shoot is , how you’re going to get there , casting , a draft of the script , these things are there to make everything more understandable for people and gives a little bit of time to make changes before the real thing.The production process for channel 4 includes the actually shooting and recording of the show , so going to the location , filming all the scenes and shots needed.The post production is everything inbetween the production and the final master copy , so after filming it then gets saved and edited to the desired finish when its then broadcasted.Process for live broadcasting is where they do all the checks just before a live broadcast , Prior to Broadcast The Commissioning Editor must ensure that the presenters selected are equipped to handle the particular demands of the live show they are presenting. They must also make arrangements with the Presentation department for an appropriate on-air warning to be made immediately before the start of the programme e.g. “This programme may contain strong language”. This is crucial for programmes like the Channel 4 news .

Modes of Delivery on channel4 include digital , HD, internet and video on demand

Channel4 has many different ways of acessing their programmes , from watching on television ,watching on tablets , digital, HD, video on demand and via the internet. They also have a varity of channels to chose from ; channel 4 , E4 , more 4 , 4seven , Channel 4 News and 4music .One way of watching channel 4 is on All 4 , All 4 includes all of Channel 4’s linear channels, digital content and other online services in a single digital destination. Available across all the service offers users access to Channel 4 content wherever and whenever.


4 distributes it’s programmes national and internationally.

International distribution

International distribution is the processes, relationships and fulfilment that you set in place to get your products into overseas markets.Channel 4 Distribution is the in-house TV sales function of Channel 4. Who license content to UK & Ireland broadcasters, bringing specialist expertise and knowledge about both market and content.Channel 4 have recently produced a website which will feature a mix of content the broadcaster offers for sale to other linear broadcasters in the UK and Ireland .The launch builds on Channel 4’s long-standing UK programme distribution activity – combining the licensing of its extensive programme archive, with more recent shows sold in partnership with independent producers. Channel 4’s Distribution team is overseen by Head of Distribution Carl Pfeiffer and is responsible for managing the syndication of Channel 4’s channels, Video On Demand (VOD) services and programmes, bringing together the full spectrum of its licensing relationships in one place.Carl said: “The launch of our website and brochure is an exciting time. As well as facilitating our existing relationships with broadcasters, I believe this can help us work with more producers across the sector who are looking to grow revenue. Channel 4 Distribution is a significant part of our commercial activity and it’s great to be able to shout even louder about it. ‘

Analysing Media Products P2



The purpose of the film whiplash by Damien Chazelle is to entertain people , due to film being produced by Sony there was possible uses of Sony product placement throughout for promotion purposes.


Whiplash was put in the category of being a Drama film/ music. Drama films are based on real life situations, in this case its the struggles people go through in the music industry and how much it means to them, this is portrayed massively in Whiplash as the movie was actually based on the directors past experiences.


what medium is it ? whiplash is a drama film based on the directors past.


Although whiplash wasn’t based on a true , the film is shot in a way thats very realistic and easily believed as a true story, the plot is also based off some of the director Damien Chazelle’s experiences as a drummer himself. As a drama film Damien had to make sure it was relatable , within doing some research i have found the music industry is very very difficult so during the film you can see the struggles that Andrew (Miles teller) has to go through in order to get recognised by Terence who is a big time famed composer.There are many other drama films out there but they are all created and portrayed in a different way , i think it depends on the director and their style of shooting.


How is the meaning created by the content ?

In the trailer to start with it shows miles tiller on a date explaining how he is in one of the top jazz orchestras , it then cuts to a clip of him being spoken to by terence fletcher who is the composer of this orchestra . Terrence is talking to him in a nice way but his stance could be seen a quite intimadating  as he has his hand up against the wall beside miles head. The next clip shows miles /Andrew/ playing the drums with the rest of the group , fletcher then stops him half way through and tells him hes rushing and to take his time.As miles starts to try again fletcher throws a a piece of furniture at him because hes still not doing it right , he starts to hit miles , miles starts to cry. As the trailer continues it shows miles training harder and harder trying to please Terence , in doing this it shows just some of this stuff that goes on in the film and the music industry.

Production process

the film goes through pre production, production and post production , this website shows you more about that .

whiplash script –

This is an article about how great the editing was post production


Tv Studio Production

We created the introduction to a Tv programme , here is a selection of photos to show how we set everything up.


Everyone helped in setting up equipment before filming .

Me , Abbie, Caprice and Amy collected the tripods and cameras and set them up to the correct heights.



Altogether we had five cameras filming , so we could cut between the host , Team A and Team B, Matt and Sam were in the gallery controlling when you cut from camera to camera they also made sure all the microphones were working.



This is Karl setting up one of the lights


we didn’t actually record a risk assessment but we made sure everyone was aware of all hazards and how to do things safely like i made sure that i had taped down any wires on the floor so no-one would trip , we made sure that no-one touched the lights after being turned off because they would still be hot , anything that needed to be carried there would be two or more people carrying the heavy object. Whilst filming we also had some year 11s come in and watch and join in with the filming .


Unit 44 Visual effects for TV and film

Different types of VFX


what is Pre-visualization ?

Pre visualization is a process used in film-making to generate preliminary versions of shots or sequences predominately using 3D animation tools and a virtual environment it allows a director, cinematographer or VFX Supervisor to experiment with different staging and art direction options—such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing—without having to incur the costs of actual production.


What is Rotoscoping ?

Rotoscoping consists of filming live action footage that is then projected frame by frame on an easel covered by glass, where the animator traces over each frame onto paper. Rotoscoping retains the movements, expressions, lights, shadows and natural proportions of filming, but offers the possibility of placing them in a different context or adding new visual elements. The objective of this method is to redraw the actual image in movement to convert it into a hyper-realistic animation.

The 1982 film Tron by Steven Lisberger and Yellow Submarine (1968), by George Dunning both used the rotoscope method to create their films

Motion Tracking

what is Motion tracking ?

Motion capture is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. The technology originated in the life science market for gait analysis but is now used widely by VFX studios, sports therapists, neuroscientists, and for validation and control of computer vision and robotics.

Types of motion capture

Optical-Passive. This technique uses retroreflective markers that are tracked by infrared cameras. It is the most flexible and common method used in the industry.

Optical-Active. This technique uses LED markers connected by wires to the motion capture suit. A battery or charger pack must also be worn by the subject.

Video/Markerless. This technique does not require markers to be worn and instead relies on software to track the subjects’ movement. Varying tracking methods yield different results, but real-time and final data error ranges tend to be larger than marker-based.

Inertial. This technique does not require cameras except as a localizations tool. Inertial sensors are worn by the subject and the data from the sensors is transmitted wirelessly to a computer.

Two examples of films using motion tracking/capture ;

The lord of the rings (Gollum)

The planet of the apes films (Caesar)

Using this sort of links in with using chroma keying but this is the actual editing part so after using the green screen they then see which parts need editing into the character that is needed for the film such as above in the lord of the rings someone is in a green outfit then when editing they can see the cameras movements and easily edit.

Matte Painting

What is matte painting ?

Matte Paintings were made by artists using paints on large sheets of glass for mixing with the live-action footage. With strokes and dabs of brush and oils, matte painters invented up entire environments.This is one the most common vfx shots in film making. You shoot your actors in front of green or blue screen, then apply a single painting to the background. With this technique, you can make your film look like it was filmed anywhere around the world, even if the world doesn’t exist.

Examples of matte painting;

King Kong (1933)

Byron Crabbe and Mario Larrinaga bring to life the dangerous world of 'King Kong' (1933)

The Sting (1973)

They used this method to create the background scene  and then place it into the film to look like its real.

Chroma keying

What is Chroma keying ?

Chroma keying, is the use of a particular colour to act as the matte of one layer , the most often colour is green. This combined layer is then placed above another layer which is your background. The use of keying can be small enough to show one person or large enough to fill an entire stage. Tracking markers can also be implemented in the scene as reference points for accurate camera movements. It is commonly used for weather forecast broadcasts, , wherein a news presenter is usually seen standing in front of a large CGI map during live television newscasts, though in actuality it is a large blue or green background. When using a blue screen, different weather maps are added on the parts of the image where the colour is blue. If the news presenter wears blue clothes, his or her clothes will also be replaced with the background video. Chroma keying is also common in the entertainment industry for special effects in movies and videogames.

Examples of films that use chroma keying (green screens)


P2) Creating a new TV programme




Exploring documentary on abandoned buildings with someone , possibly an historian or someone who does tours , who has a lot of knowledge on the building. We will go around filming whilst the guide walks us through different information on the building.

Suggested Cast

My suggested cast would include ,  Any people that come with me to explore the buildings whether they want to be in the programme as well featuring in the background or also asking/answering questions ,  A historian who talks about the buildings past like what it used to be used for , when it became abandoned , is the council going to do anything with it ? , stuff like that, another suggestion is having a voiceover. A unrealistic voice over would be David Attenborough or Nigella Lawson , someone with a calm voice.

Target Audience

For my tv programme exploring abandoned buildings or buildings with a lot of history behind it , i think that with it being more of a mature informative programme that it will draw in more mature older viewers , possibly ages around 25- onwards. According to ‘ BBC trust’ the viewers are more likely to be male , older in age and of a higher social grade . BBC Four is not a heavily watched channel, with viewers watching for only a few hours each month. In quarter one of 2010, adults spent more minutes per month watching BBC One (1,533), BBC Two (526) and BBC Three (101) than BBC Four (38).

Budget, Funding, Sponsoring

I think that we could be sponsored by Ford , because of product placement we need to somehow get to these buildings which we could use a ford car .

Legal and /or ethical issues

Some legal and ethical issues would include possibly be going to filming in a church where its ethically wrong to film in there. A legal issue would be if we went to a place to film but we didn’t get permission to go film there and it was private property so we were trespassing.

Scheduling time

I would really want it to be broadcasted midday , around lunch time on BBC Four , i chose BBC Four because a lot of the programmes on are more informative mature shows. I think that the shows should be around 30-45 minutes long and around 7-10 programmes in a series just going around finding buildings.

Analysing media P1 -Whiplash

Whiplash (2014 film)  Directed and written by Damien Chazelle ,


Who owns whiplash the movie ?

Whiplash is distributed by Sony pictures classics , its production companies are Bold films, Blumhouse productions and right of way films. Sony pictures are a multinational company who also do slight cross media. Sony is also part of Motion Picture Association of America .

Operating model

Within the company sony , they have produced mass amounts of products from movies , tv shows , music videos , differant technology like playstation , mobile phones , T.V’S , even financial services.


I briefly touched on it in operating model Sony have created some of the most popular products around including films such as The spiderman films , James bond films , Men in black 1,2 & 3 , Sony is also known for its music such as foo fighters , example , asap rocky , One direction and many more.Sony have released massive amounts of technology from the playstations , the xperia phones , their selection of tv’s , Sound systems , Sony video games.

Market positions/Competitors

Who are sonys competitors ?

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 16.01.43.png

Heres a list of just some of Sonys top competitors

Some advantages of having competition is that you have something to guide you to makes your company better , you have something to be better than therefore you have goal , on the other hand this could also be a disadvantage because it could be difficult to get your company out there when there are so many competitors out there.

My Portfolio –

My names Stacey and this is my portfolio.

Strengths , one of my strengths include working well in a team , i have had previous experiences where i have had to work in teams Ie; previous jobs , being in sports teams and college and school work. I also believe that i’m quite a confident person which helps when working in teams or partaking in activities where speaking and interacting is involved. Im pretty good at meeting deadlines and working independently . when it comes to media i believe that a strength is that i’m up for learning new things, trying out different roles whether that be doing lighting or being in control of sound , i like being pushed out of my comfort zone.I also try and give everything i do 100%. Although i have had experiences with camera its not really been filming its more been the photography side of things but i believe in doing this it will help open more career opportunitys.

Weaknesses, although i love working with other people , working independently is sometimes the better option for me because i believe one of my weaknesses is that i can be very distracting at the same time as being distracted easy , another one of my weaknesses is my concentration, i lose concentration very easy so if i’m in the same place for a long time i will start to mess around and become distracting.  Another one of weaknesses is that if i’m struggling with something i sometimes find it difficult to ask for help , the majority of the time i will ask . Like explained before i have not had much experience in the way of filming which could be classed as a weakness but i’m willing to try new stuff out.


My main interests are sport and photography as I mentioned before I play for some sports teams , I also love watch sports as well. I have always loved photography and filming which lead me on to choose l3 creative media at college.